How was the talk "Control your WordPress with AutomatorWP, the 'Zapier' for WordPress"

The numbers

  • Registered for the talk: 99 people.
  • Assistants: 26 people.
  • It was performed on June 15, 2020 by streaming due to coronavirus confinement.

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AutomatorWP, the 'Zapier' for WordPress: The Talk

We are still at the bottom of the canyon, despite the confinement by the coronavirus COVID-19, so from WPAlicante we continue with our online chats as we cannot be seen in the space of ULab where we usually meet, but streamed to Flavia Bernárdez.

This time we tell you how to use the AutomatorWP plugin to make automations.

Like the last few times, we had to skip the networking accompanied by refreshments for obvious reasons. The streaming has been possible thanks to our sponsors: WeglotThe WordPress Plugin to translate your website into the language of your choice. You can try it out without any obligation, as it is free to use for translating up to 2000 words into a language, and it takes up very little space on the server. We also have in this meetingup as a sponsor a very cool SEO agency from Alicante: SEO Force Agency. And as if this wasn't enough, we have two other out of series that also sponsor us: the great gamification plugin for your WordPress GamiPresswhich simplifies the whole world of gamification so that you can include it in your WordPress in a simple and cool way and Company Web a specialized WordPress hosting, among other services, with several plans available to suit your needs.

Here are some points that we found interesting, although we include them at the end of this entry The full video of the presentationThis time it was streamed and recorded to be posted on Youtube. We also link you to the presentation you have used to develop the AutomatorWP .

Fundamentals: What are and what are not automations?

In order to better understand the world of automation, it is necessary to know a few fundamental concepts:

TriggerThe trigger of automation, i.e. the action that initiates a flow.

ActionThe trigger: Each of the steps that are launched as a result of the trigger.

ConnectorThe threads that connect the two elements.

FlowThe set of triggers, connectors and actions.

Automation is not about saving time but about creating more consistent services and products.

Possibly the programming takes you the same time as performing the task, but if it is automated you avoid the mistakes of the manuals by having to repeat them in the future, achieving a consistent product.

Automations require love and patience to consider:

  • Use existing documentation. Perhaps everything we want to do is documented somewhere, so we should not despair of the problems we encounter.
  • Continue to do manual tasks if they add valuelike answering tickets for questions.
  • Automate the repetitive that can be done mechanically.

Automation in WordPress

In WordPress there is already a CRON, (task manager to do at a certain time) but it only works when someone visits the page so we depend on someone visiting the web at the time we have programmed the task in CRON. This has solutionThe newest version of the system, including a small script inside our hosting that makes the added tasks to be launched every half hour approximately.

Auto-flow" plug-ins

  • Page Generator PROThe free version is available. It serves to generate and publish posts.
  • Gravity Flow of Gravity FormsAdding flows to form creation: allows you to add flows to form creation.
  • TripettoDesign: to design, execute and store forms through flows, all customizable.
  • WPPusherSynchronization: To synchronize the GIT or BitBucket repositories where you have the theme so that when you modify it, WordPress updates it after every commmit you make.

Automator WP

It is the "Zapier or integromat" with WordPress and WordPress plugin triggers and actions.

In addition to the own triggers included in WordPress (user registration, comment generation...) you can also make free integrations with other plugins, on which you can buy new triggers.

Google Task Manager offers the analysis layer but you can't interact with the user side. Thanks to its integration with Automator this layer of interaction with the user could be added.

It also has integration with other tools, like Youtube/Vimeo... as well as a lot of WordPress plugins. You can see the detail on Automator's own page.

Addons premium

They add triggers and extra actions:

  • WebhooksIt's the basic one. Create a URL to save the action that comes out of WordPress and then put it wherever you want. This way, it allows you to connect with zapier, integromat...
  • LinksAdd triggers to the links you want by means of shortcodes.
  • ButtonsSimilar to Links but instead of going to a file or an address it performs an action directly.
  • Block UsersAdd a user feature within the automation so that it is only done to certain users.

In the video of the talk you also have a practical part of everything discussed.


  • AddonWordPress: It is a module, or a set of functionalities that are added to any base program, in our case, to WordPress. It is an additional code programming through which the base functionality is extended or the behavior of existing functionalities is modified.

AutomatorWP, the 'Zapier' for WordPress: The video

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