How was the SECOND event "come and ask"

Very Good WordPress lovers! On this occasion, more than a summary of the event, we bring the notes that we were aiming while the two brave people of Alicante who approached that day by the Ulab, we showed their Web projects made with WordPress. One Pass. Thank you both Very Much.

The numbers

  • Aimed at the talk: 15 people.
  • Assistants: 15 people!
  • It Was held on March 11th, 2019.

Important: We remind you that in the tool Slack have a channel registered to organize and to share the management of the meetup, specifically the channel we use is #wpalicante of Slack WordPress Spain. If you want to lend a hand, contribute ideas and become more active part of this community follow the instructions on the following page->

The SECOND event "come and ask"

Remind you that the events "come and ask" are like a stop in the way we do every x months where the people attending the meetups, teach us the progress that has been made on the web done with Wordpro and the rest of the audience we stop with them , we review concepts and tell them what they can improve on their websites.

On This occasion we had the pleasure of seeing Silvia de, student of the master of Ecommaster who showed us how was his web project selling online t-shirts.

What Silvia de brought us

A very nice web. It is Basically an online shop with WooCommerce where you sell T-shirts for Chiquitinas/ES. The product looks very careful and attractive. Here are the things and plugins that we recommend to Silvia:

  • Storefront PowerPack If you need to change more aspects of the Storefront theme.
  • Products will not always be the same, do SEO in the categories
  • Contrast of the Black orange footer.
  • First Layer of the newsletter
  • In the blog put by summary. 
  • Change the user admin.
  • Check the slug from the tickets.
  • Close the creation of users of settings > general-
  • RGPD Plugins like put _ Ga.

The Web brought by Eduardo

The colleague Eduardo, a professional implementer WordPress that comes from the world Joomla, brought us a website for a recent client who had. The things we were able to recommend were:

  • To take an eye to the theme Divi
  • Try not to use themes with custom post types. Link to Meetup of themes.
  • WhatsApp Link.
  • Eduardo had a series of links to sister companies and institutions related to Web services at the top of the page. All of these links led to external pages. We recommend that these, instead of putting them on menus, that opened a page for the related links that take people off the page and if you want to link it as a quality label, that put these links down in the footer.
  • Bonding Council Following the human reading order from left to right and up below.
  • First layer of data on the forms.
  • Plugin WhatsApp me To add a chat to contact by WhatApp
  • Tinypng For online image optimization.
  • Xnconvert

Finally, the Rapporteur of the meetup of May, Alberto Sanz, was helping to solve the doubts of Silvia and Eduardo. Congratulate you on the award you received from best ecommerce in the eConference That took place in Almeria this past February by The surfboard shop for paddle surfing

Then we have a good time of networking thanks as always to the sponsorship of Weglot, the great WordPress MultiLanguage Plugin And a Professional Hosting, a piece of Hosting for WordPress Like a pine tree.

See you next April 15 with the following talk, this time by Ramon Prats who will talk about enhancing your personal brand with WordPress. Join the Group To receive the notifications.


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